Tuesday, October 12, 2010

sick baby.

I don't know what is wrong with luciana, but she hasn't been feeling well. she woke up with a rash on saturday morning and a low grade fever. she has basically just been taking it easy for the last few days. she has been taking it easy, the rest of us have been working like crazy. I had a busy weekend (proctoring the SATs and doing a crop walk with key club, how do I get dragged into these things?) and so my parents were on baby duty for a couple of days.

luciana hasn't gone to daycare yet this week, they have a no rash or fever over 100 policy. and I haven't wanted to send her. she starts out strong in the morning, crashes for an early nap and then seems ready to go to sleep about an hour or so earlier than usual. she is getting a bit better and daycare makes her happy, so I think she'll go tomorrow. I just wish that there was an easier solution--I don't like sending her to school unless she is her normal cheerful, silly, precocious little self (or her normal, cheerful, silly, precocious giant self).

just to make you feel sorry for us, here is a picture of luciana sick when she was little. she looks a lot like that still, just with more hair.

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  1. well, the rash is looking better, but she has been needing an earlier nap. hope she's better today.