Wednesday, May 25, 2011

who needs english?

we have been struggling with language. luciana seems to have not realized how important language was going to be until recently. she focused on puzzles and books and dancing and finding really great hiding places for toys and not on learning words. she is getting frustrated because she can't express herself, which leads to lots of tantrums and tears. this summer we are going to work on potty training and english.

in the meantime, luciana is randomly and inexplicably learning other languages. she doesn't have english down, but who cares? she is learning sign language, french, and german!

about a week or two she started signing "more." sometimes she'll say and sign it at the same time. "more" has made life a lot easier. no more crying when she wants another helping of something and can't express that. now she can put in requests for more gogurt, more milk, more books...

over the weekend luciana brought me a number 5 from one of her puzzles and asked "what is this?" I told her that it was a "five." she said "no" and asked again "what is this?" I repeated that it was a "five." she said "no. c'est cinq." I thought I might have just misunderstood her. I held up the five and asked her what it was and she confidently repeated "c'est cinq" and walked off.

today luciana came into the kitchen where I was putting dishes away. she climbed onto her walker and got ready for a ride (she loves being pushed on her walker). she turned and looked expectantly at me and said "bitte bitte bitte." I asked her what she said and she repeated "bitte bitte bitte" and pointed with this expression on her face "like come on lady, I said please now let's go!"

edited to add: we aren't intentionally teaching her these things. I have no idea where she is picking them up!

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  1. That's weird and interesting. Did you ever track down where she was picking up those other languages?