Saturday, April 16, 2011

the sixth thing I love about L

luciana has taken to singing quietly to herself. she'll be playing with her toys or sitting in her carseat and quietly she'll start to sing--recognizable melodies and lyrics and adorable hand gestures and all. her current favorites are the itsy bitsy spider, the wheels on the bus, and something involving ducks that quack (I don't know that one, it must be a daycare song). there is very little cuter than a toddler who is playing with her trains, only to have to stop to do a little ducky dance before she and thomas can continue on their journey.

sometimes she loves it when you sing along, and will clap excitedly when you are done and say yea!

other times she gets quiet when you join her and claps politely when you are done, but she'll wait until you stop and go away to start singing again herself.


  1. Since she's learning multiple languages simultaneously, I think it's normal for her language skills to lag at first. Everything I've ever read says that children who are raised in multi-lingual households may appear to be at a disadvantage initially, but they're at a real advantage (in every academic area) later. I think it's great you're doing this with her! Keep going!

    Oh, and isn't sign language fantastic? "More" totally saved my sanity with *both* my girls!

  2. oh, but that is the weird thing. we aren't teaching her multiple languages, I have NO idea were she is learning these things. her daycare isn't the kind of place where they teach lots of languages (it is just a good, basic place).