Friday, March 25, 2011

the fifth thing I love about L

toddlers are weird. (I know, I know--that's the understatement of the millennium.) sometimes toddlers are shy and clingy and other times they can't get enough of people. luciana is often fairly reserved. it is almost as though she has figured out that since she is so stinking adorable she can get away with being a little rude to people. people will come up to her when we are out to rave about how beautiful she is. about half the time she'll completely ignore them. the other half the time she'll give them a big silly smile.

I was a little worried when my grandparents came to visit that she would be reserved with them--I knew that it would hurt their feelings and my mom's feelings as well. luckily, she seemed to sense that these were special people and part of the family. (she had met them before a couple of times, but she hadn't seen them since august.) she warmed right up to them and they quickly became part of the games and the rounds of hugs and cuddles.

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