Saturday, March 19, 2011

the great blabla saga

luciana has a doll named blabla who she loves passionately. blabla is her baby and her best friend. blabla is the doll that she sleeps with every night and the one she drags around with her all day. she got blabla for her first valentine's day last year and they have pretty much been inseparable ever since.

she loves blabla so much that she was blabla for halloween.

after I put them in bed at night, luciana will lie awake talking to blabla about everything she did at school and all of the trouble the two of them will get into together tomorrow.

since blabla comes everywhere with her, blabla had to come to the zoo a few weekends ago to hang out with luciana. blabla and luciana saw the polar bear and the seals, they played in the playground, and explored the trails.

on the drive home I went to hand blabla to luciana for naptime only to discover that blabla wasn't there! we had left blabla behind with the animals.

when we got home I called the zoo, they said they'd keep an eye out, and I ordered a new blabla, but it was saturday and she wouldn't arrive until wednesday. we settled down for a very rough couple of days, but the next morning made it clear that blabla was necessary. luciana hadn't seemed too concerned when I put her to bed saturday night, but when she awoke sunday morning and there was still no blabla, she was inconsolable. screaming, crying, flailing on the floor, lashing out at us.

nana, aka the greatest grandmother ever, said that I should call the zoo back just to see if they had found blabla. and they had! so we piled into the car for the hour and a half drive to the zoo. luckily luciana fell asleep in the car, waking up just in time to be reunited with blabla, who had some leaves and grass on her, but otherwise looked like herself.

even though we had been reunited with blabla I didn't cancel the replacement order. having lost blabla once, I was not risking the happiness of our family again.

the new blabla came and I decided to switch off. it worked fine and I didn't think she noticed the change.

(the old blabla is the long skinny one and the new blabla is the short round one--luciana has a habit of pulling blabla out through the bars of the crib by her hair which stretches the poor doll out.)

and then a couple of days ago, I had to pack the diaper bag for luciana to spend the day out of town with her grandparents dropping the great-grandparents off at the airport. I put the old blabla in the bag, figuring that this way luciana would have her and I wouldn't have to worry about remembering her in the morning. I got the diaper bag all packed and ready to go and left it by the basement door.

I dropped luciana off at her grandparents the next morning and was showing my mom where everything in the diaper bag was when I realized that blabla wasn't in there. I was sure I had put her in, but she was missing. I figured either I hadn't actually remembered her or luciana had taken her out of the diaper bag. my parents, remembering all too well the blabla-less day, decided to swing by and pick her up on their way out of town.

my dad ran in to find blabla and discovered the two blablas lying on the floor in the family/playroom right next to each other.

luciana apparently figured out that there are two blablas and wanted us to know that she had discovered the truth. she doesn't seem to mind, she just wanted us to know.

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  1. I take full responsibility for losing Blabla. I was walking around with Luciana when she apparently placed the doll on a park bench to get some sun.