Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the fourth thing I love about L

I love that luciana believes that all of the furniture needs to be rearranged and dammit she is the girl to rearrange it! it doesn't matter that she is just a toddler, she can move it all--the dining room chairs, the rocking chair, the ottomans... sometimes she decides that the living room ottomans belong in her bedroom and sometimes they belong in the fireplace. sometimes the dining room needs to be chairless and sometimes she figures I might want to sit in a rocking chair when I eat dinner. and the pillows? well, all of the pillows belong in big piles in the middle of room. perfect for a toddler to throw herself onto in exhaustion after a tough day of moving furniture.

and the furniture arranging doesn't end at bedtime. she likes to move her crib--while she is in it! I put her in the crib at night and she rolls over and promptly sits up to make silly faces at me as I turn on the noise machine and close the door. after spending a few minutes telling blabla all about her day and rolling around in the crib I can hear the scraping of the crib as she pushes it away from the wall.

I have seen her eying the sofas as though she thinks they would work better someplace else.

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  1. I think she has a future in furniture! Love the photos.